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Facial Recognition in OCD

February 1, 2012

Upcoming BrainTalk February 23rd:

Neuroimaging in Paediatric OCD: Facial recognition


Dr. Evelyn Stewart is a translational genetic and clinical researcher focusing on correlates of neuropsychiatric findings in childhood illnesses, such as obsessive-compulsive disorder. Dr. Stewart recently moved to Vancouver. Her previous experience includes a professorship at Harvard University, where she developed an independent program of study investigating how genetics connect to clinical symptoms to better understand the neurobiology of several paediatric neuropsychiatric disorders. Dr. Stewart has authored over 50 papers, and is particularly interested in the evolution of OCD across the lifespan. She was recently featured in USA Today. Her upcoming talk will review the neuroimaging findings in OCD, and more specifically, recent findings on amygdala responses to facial expressions in children with OCD, versus those without OCD.

The evening will begin, after wine and cheese, with a ten minute talk by Patrick Carolan. Patrick Carolan is a first year PhD student in the experimental psychology program at Simon Fraser University. His current research focuses on modern models of psychopathy and the associated affective suppression/reactivity to emotional stimuli.  Patrick uses electroencephalograph (EEG) techniques to investigate the neurophysiological correlates of these affective responses in populations of individuals who score high on measures of psychopathic traits (e.g. callousness, antisocial behaviour).

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