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BrainTalks@UBC is a forum for academics and community members to dialogue about the rapidly expanding information in neuroscience. The goal is for neuroscientists, neurologists, neuroradiologists, psychiatrists, and people from affiliated fields to meet and dialogue monthly. Affiliated fields include computer science, psychology, engineering, software design, data visualization, and artificial intelligence. The structure is a casual environment with brief presentations by local experts that challenge and inspire dialogue. Discussions focus on current knowledge about the mind and our understanding of how the mind works.

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The BrainTalks@UBC series, was inspired in part by the popularity of the TED Talks series. Discussions with various UBC Psychiatry Faculty members, support from Dr. Jonathan Fleming, and, in particular, recommendations from Dr. Trevor Young, led to a complete monthly series for BrainTalks@UBC, which started in October of 2010. The format includes both casual and formal aspects, with a casual wine and cheese welcome prior to the lecture, a lecture that includes discussion, and informal discussion after the lecture.


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